Flan II Recipe

flan ii recipe

Flan II Recipe

Caramelized sugar, milk and eggs -- a sweet and simple baked custard.

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Flan II. Rated as 4.36 out of 5 Stars. Prep. 10 m. Cook. 1 h. Ready In. 1 h 10 m. Recipe By:Bobby Kleinveld. "The best dessert ever invented!!" ...

flan ii review by silvia11

Flan II - Review by SILVIA11

Fast and awesome. What more can one expect? Thank you, I truly enjoyed this flan. I remember when my nana used to beat the egg yolks for hours and cook the  ...

flan ii review by catareen

Flan II - Review by Catareen

Apr 25, 2009 ... I personally had my doubts being a sweetened condenced milk user. However i was out and needed some flan for dessert so I gave this a try.

flan ii review by friendlyfood

Flan II - Review by FRIENDLYFOOD

An excellent flan recipe. Easy to make with all ingredients you probably already have in the kitchen. Make exactly according to "preparation" directions and it ...

flan ii review by stacey

Flan II - Review by Stacey

Mar 22, 2011 ... This was an easy recipe and it looked great when I turned it out. I doubled the recipe and added orange zest, juice and a little almond extract to ...

flan ii review by sandybakes

Flan II - Review by SandyBakes

Oct 24, 2006 ... I wanted to make flan to go with a Mexican dinner, but didn't have condensed or evaporated milk, (which most of the flan recipes call for).

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Flan II by fondukes. Flan II. Flan II. I had a hard time with the caramel, so it came out a little ugly, but it tasted really good. back next. I had a hard time with the ...

flan ii review by cufnc

Flan II - Review by cufnc

Instead of melting sugar, though, which i didn't like, you can use maple syrup too. I tried that the second time i made this and I thought it was better than the time I ...

flan ii review by sundrops

Flan II - Review by sundrops

Yummm, this is sooo good. I never thought flan would be easy to make, but this recipe makes it sooo easy and so yummy. I did add 1/8 tsp. vanilla.